Albon Group

Albon Group is a rapidly growing limited liability company that has been successfully operating in the market since 2008. The main business of our firm is the performance of a wide range of repair, construction and inspection works at height and in difficult-to-reach places at a highly professional level both in the supported and in the unsupported positioning with due observance of all the requirements and safety certificates . The primary purpose of our company is to provide high-quality competitive services in the European industrial services market as a general contractor, a subcontractor, as well as on an out staffing basis.

Our values

Albon Group considers highly professional human resources ready for quick response and courage in making non-standard decisions based on the safety conditions, as its core value. All employees are required to receive necessary training course, regular trainings and certification at the European level. Our company constantly monitors the renewal of equipment fleet and new technologies, motivates and encourages the best of our specialists.


Safety is a fundamental criterion for performance of all the works carried out by Albon Group. In this regard, the firm is focused on specialist training systems, such as IRATA, aimed at identifying risks at workplaces and understanding consequences of the violation of safety requirements. Both classroom training and hands-on training are equally important in the process of specialist training.

Client’s interests

Quality, price, corporate culture, responsiveness, professional experience, use of the best materials and technologies allows us to achieve the best result. Our prices are determined by a prime cost and a reasonable profit. We try to provide the client with a flexible payment schedule. When carrying out works, we always consider our corporate culture from the client’s perspective. We response to orders as soon as possible. Staying strong in the pursuit of our goals, the company effectively develops new areas of activity. Regular training and education of our employees allows us growing steadily.

Our team

Albon Group is a team of like-minded people and true professionals, who can solve any unusual problems working together. The Company’s philosophy largely contributes to this.
An inexhaustible desire to improve, the interest to set ourselves challenging tasks and to achieve our goals, a rich work experience and professionalism” — our employees, undoubtedly, have all these qualities.
It’s really difficult to meet high standards of quality and safety, on which Albon Group is based, without these components. But they are not the only the “merit badges” of our team. Willingness to prove ourselves 100%, the ability to find the most effective solutions, responsibility, optimism and friendliness are the primary criteria we use to open the doors to new team members. Courage, resoluteness, go-aheadedness, and activity are an integral part of all highly professional members of Albon Group team.