Sealing interpanel seams and other abutments practical course

Course length: 35 academic classes

Price 1050€+VAT (includes training, study materials, equipment, coffee breaks, breakfast, lunch and dinner, accommodation)  

Language of study: estonian, russian

Nearest course times: no

Target group and requirement for starting studies: Persons who wish to acquire knowledge of a new specialty, increase their practical qualifications, who wish to supplement their theoretical knowledge of the requirements for sealing seams in construction and the technical properties of materials represented on the modern market.

At the end of the training, the learner: • understands the nature of the process of performing quality work • prepares a work plan, which includes a list of materials and tools necessary to perform high-quality work • knows how to use high-quality materials in the work that meet the technical task and the requirements for the work

Study content: • Areas of application, within the scope of this study (seams between panels, seams of windows, seam of different levels, seams with deformations on floors and walls, types of surfaces) • Theory – the technology of work execution and the requirements for the final result, including depending on the area of application • Materials: types, properties, brands on the market • Aids and accessories • Tools: types, preparation, maintenance • Practical lessons based on acquired theoretical material

Conditions for passing the exam, certificate to be issued: Calculation of the theoretical and practical exam, specialist diploma (if the exam is not passed or the course is incomplete – less than 75% of the study time – course participation certificate)


10 - 14 Apr 2023


09:00 - 19:00



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Albon Training Center
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