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Assembly and disassembly

This is a very industrial and specific service. You always need to change something, modify, remove, pull out from somewhere, then pull it back and install. Need for rope access specialists arises where it’s necessary to lift and assemble something, and lifting cranes and other conventional hoisting systems are powerless and economically unjustified.

We take part in such (dis)assembly as:

  • Steel structures of buildings’ and facilities’ frameworks

This type includes structures that are intended for the construction of load-bearing frameworks, columns, beams, trusses, purlins, as well as reinforcement cages and meshes. Steel frames of bridges, viaducts and ramps can be included in the same category.

  • Enclosing structures at heightl

They are primarily structures intended to enclose roofs, open areas and ramps at height, bridges. Steel studworks that are intended for the further attachment of various facade elements, for example, sandwich panels, profiled sheeting or metal facade cassettes.

  • High-rise metal structures

Main types of high-rise structures are metal frameworks of various transmission towers, structures of masts, communication towers and tower cranes, as well as masts and posts designed to install lighting equipment.

  • Technological, service and auxiliary metal structures

This type primarily includes structures of various flight, spiral and decorative stairs; brackets and trays designed to lay cables and pipes; platforms and walkways designed to provide access to the process equipment; structures of scaffold towers, scaffolds and landing stages, frame and pole supports and braces to install formwork systems; various temporary and auxiliary steel structures used in the process of moving, lifting, erecting of building structures and process equipment.

  • Different devices, units and mechanisms

Lighting and signalling devices, measuring instruments, communication devices, air conditioning and ventilation devices and mechanisms, motors and so on..

  • Various outdoor advertising
  • Laying/installing of communication and power supply routes, outdoor thunderstorm and lightning protection systems
  • Installing scaffolds and suspended outriggers for landing stages
  • Assembly of geodesic domes
  • Installing of fall protection systems for work at height, snow guards
  • Mounting/installing of exterior parts and components