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We execute construction and repair works at high-rise structures, radio/TV towers, supports, bridges, smoke stacks, flues, tunnel crowns, ice-breaking bridge piers, wind turbines, etc. using rope access technologies.

It’s often required to perform the following operations:

  • Repairing and painting of concrete structures and facilities

Concrete corrosion is a main enemy of all concrete and reinforced concrete structures. The most serious problem is an exposure to atmospheric corrosive substances (carbonates, sulphates, chlorides), as well as frequent cycles of temperature effects.

Anticorrosion protection of reinforced concrete structures is the most important task in the design, construction and operation. Protection of reinforced concrete structures is absolutely relevant to all types of buildings, works and facilities:

  • Reinforced concrete supports, columns, fences
  • Reinforced concrete slabs, facade slabs and wall blocks
  • Reinforced concrete frameworks, beams, trusses, poles
  • Concrete panels, enclosing structures (e.g. loggias and balconies)
  • Reinforced concrete pipes, well rings, cooling towers
  • Bridge structures, overpasses, tunnels
  • Harbor and river installations
  • Hydraulic engineering works, dams, embankments
  • Waste treatment facilities, headers/manifolds, tanks
  • Agricultural facilities and works
  • Walls and facades of buildings, etc
  • Hermetic sealing of joints (seams), reinforced concrete panels in new buildings and repairing in the process of their operation
  • Shotcreting and waterproofing
  • Restoration of unique architectural facilities, churches, monuments, domes, stelae, facades of buildings and works
  • Anticorrosion protection of metal and other surfaces. Sand and shot blasting (Sa…), manual and mechanical cleaning (St …)

Our company offers a full range of services of anti-damage and anti-corrosion protection of buildings and works. Company uses advanced methods of surface preparation for the paint application, such as abrasive blasting and hydro-blasting. The works are performed by qualified, trained personnel using rope access techniques (industrial alpinism methods)

Sand blasting
ISO 8501-1

  • Repair of claddings, architectural elements and decorations, balconies, cornices, roofs, storm drains, and others