training center

Albon Training Center  (located in Pärnumaa, Estonia – Contacts) is a facility dedicated to training and assessment of the specialists in work on heights, including various access methods and also training and certification in various professional skills.

Albon Training Center – a center characterized by:

  • Thorough approuch to the training in safety planning, safe work and safety control.
  • Practical exercise in all training areas.
  • Courses from best specialists.
  • Consultation and work safety planning at your location.
  • Sharing the experience with colleagues, possibility to establish contacts with the new partners, receive fresh impressions and ideas.
  • Established training centre, arrangement of accommodation with meals.

Course registration

Available training

01 Introductory course – Presentation of the rope access technician specialty.

02 Course – Rope access technician SNE (Estonian legislation requirements), Level 1; 2; 3.

03 Refresher exercises – rescue operations and improvement of rope access technique.

04 Course – Advanced training for high construction workers – movement and positioning, Level 1; 2.

05 Course – Height work – movement and working position on inclined surfaces, Level 1; 2.

06 Course – ultrasound inspection, Level 1; 2; 3.


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