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rescue operations and improvement of rope access technique

Albon Training Center offers the possibility of “Refreshment training” for both groups and individual learners.

The work at height demands a certain set of skills and knowledge, and therefore the rope access technicians that did not performed any rope access work for six months or more (or did not performed certain maneuvers and/or tasks, especially concerning rope access rescues), must undergo a refreshment training before starting the work again. This training can be simple refreshment course as well as full rope access technician course. The refreshment course must include all maneuvers involved in the level 1 courses. For level 2 and 3 technicians the refreshment courses should be oriented towards the rigging skills and rescue techniques.

Course length: 1 day / 8 hours = 2.5 hours of theory + 5.5 hours of practical exercises

Price: 1 day 79.50 euros(includes necessary equipment, third-level technician consultations, coffee breaks, lunch). If accommodation is requested, 25 euros per day will be added to the price.

Course language: russian

Training program is compiled depending on the maneuvers that need to be updated.

!!!NB “Refreshment training” takes place on the basis of prior agreement