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Introductory course

Presentation of the specialty of rope access technician.

The course is conducted by: Theory – Andrei Bondarev, Albon Group OÜ board member / Practice – Dmitri Bondarev L3, Albon Group OÜ board member

Course duration: 1 day / 8 hours = 2.5 hours of theory 5.5 hours of practical exercises

Nearest course date: Course can be arranged for the groups that contain two and more people ( Pre-registration)

Price: 38.50 euros (includes teaching, materials, equipment, coffee breaks, lunch)

Language: russian, estonian, english

This course is intended for persons, who want to get an idea of carrying out work at height using the rope access method, as well as the possibilities and methods of securing and positioning at heights, which are used in industry, including work at height in production activities, construction (both industrial and civil engineering), cleaning, shipbuilding, wind energy, various types of supervision.

Namely: To receive information about the requirements for rope access technicians and other specialists performing high-rise work. Get information about possible height work safety methods and measures based on legislative and normative acts. Learn about different types of personal protective equipment. Familiarize yourself with the possible risks of working at heights. Experience being in an unsupported position and moving independently using the rope access method; learn practically the principles of insurance provision.

The purpose of this training: To provide learners with prior knowledge about the specifics of the specialty, as well as to identify incompatibilities at an early stage in order to avoid unnecessary waste of the learner’s time and resources.

Course structure and description of tasks: The course is equipped with both theoretical and practical information.

Theory: History of rope access; possible methods of work at heights; basic principles of of safe work via rope access methods; various PPE – harnesses, helmets, backup devises, positioning devices, ascenders, ropes, connectors; functioning and purpose of positioning, backup and ascending devices.

Practicing: Practical demonstration of the rope access activity. practice of ascening, descending, passing the knots, rope-to-rope transfer; practical demonstration of rescue with the optional possibility to participate as a casualty.

Knowledge and skills acquired during the course: After completing the course, the learner gets a general idea of the legal requirements for rope access technicians, work-specific rules and conditions, the operating principles of the equipment used, the rope knots used, the basic safety principles applied when carrying out work using rope access methods and positioning at height.

During the course attendant will be able to make informed decision about career in rope access and his fitness according to the standard requirements.