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Scaffolding installer

Level 1 (9 meters and above)

This training is intended for those who wish to acquire the skills and qualification “Scaffolding installer, level 1” (9 meters and above), which meets the requirements of leading construction companies and Swedish legislation.

Course length: 68 credits (6 study days, including tests)

Price: 1958.33 EUR + VAT.

The price of practice is separate 150 EUR + VAT.

The cost includes teaching materials for both theoretical and practical parts, equipment, coffee and lunch breaks, dinner, and accommodation if necessary.

Language of training:

  • Theory – English, with translation into Russian and Estonian
  • Internship – Russian and Estonian


Main goals of the training:

  • to present important information about occupational safety and work performance requirements for the installation and dismantling of construction scaffolding, based on the relevant legislation in force
  • introduce important information about the recommendations and standards guidelines that determine the installation of construction scaffolding and the use of fall protection devices
  • introduce important information about the planning and management system, the distribution of work tasks and responsibility in the execution of installation and high-rise works
  • introduce important practical skills in building modular constructions
  • introduce important practical skills in the selection, use and maintenance of the fall protection system and elements
  • assess the acquired knowledge and skills of the participant in the training and, upon confirmation of competence, allow them to work and for further training at the workplace, under the supervision of more experienced colleagues

Description of the course work: Study days are equipped with both theoretical and practical lessons, which include both interactive lessons and practical exercises.

Content of the training course:

Theory: occupational health and safety act/ classification of construction scaffolding/ construction scaffolding installation plan/ rigging and lifting work/ occupational safety when installing construction scaffolding/ protective measures used on construction scaffolding/ assembling the parts necessary for the installation of construction scaffolding according to the first draft.

Practice: Order of installation of a given structure

Consideration of both the theory and the practical part. Those who have completed the training receive either a certificate of competence or a certificate of completion of the training according to the results of the calculations. Upon successful completion of the training, the learner will gain basic knowledge of the installation of construction scaffolding, i.e. the following knowledge and skills: can navigate the EU and Swedish occupational safety legislation applied to the training of construction scaffold installers/ knows the types of scaffolds and their correct areas of application, knows the components of scaffolds, assembly and disassembly methods/ knows the properties of work materials and the technical aspects of their installation/ assesses the technical condition of parts/ can prepare a work plan task and inspection of the work site on the basis/ prepares a risk analysis and minimizes risks, while monitoring compliance with the requirements in practical operation/ prepares a rescue plan and knows how to carry out rescue work

Upon successful completion of the training, the learner is able to apply the above skills at work under the supervision of a senior colleague according to technical tasks, and also to continue improving his/her knowledge and skills at the workplace in accordance with current requirements.